Why the next generation internet matters.

Internet is a common good that empowers millions of people and organizations across the globe. As data networks develop, remote health services, smart mobility, internet banking, and many more ventures can be imagine ands distributed to all. To operate efficiently, all these services generate and move around large amount of data, often personal data.

The next generation internet has to be open, inclusive, transparent, cooperative, but also private and ensure the protection of data. Georepublic members embrace the idea of Free Software, and we actively contribute to projects and custom developments of Open Source GIS software, decentralized storage solutions, data privacy.

What we do for digital transformation

Data Privacy

Georepublic elaborates digital projects using latest cryptographic technologies.

Internet of Things

Smart technologies make use of sensors and automation. Georepublic can asssist in the planning and development of smart solutions with the help of IoT.

Big Data

To collect, move around and process large quantities of information, Georepublic works with open source projects like OGC SensorThings API or DAT.


  1. The next generation internet is focused on building a more open, secure, and trustworthy internet that can better meet the needs of individuals, organizations and society as a whole. It aims to achieve this by leveraging new technologies such as decentralisation, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  2. This next generation internet can help to create new opportunities for innovation and economic growth by enabling the development of new applications and services that can improve the lives of people, such as smart cities, connected healthcare, and e-learning.
  3. Additionally, it can help to increase the level of security and privacy in online transactions and activities, as well as providing more robust and resilient infrastructure for critical services and applications.
  4. The next generation internet also aims to promote inclusivity and social inclusion by making it possible for people from all backgrounds, including those in remote or rural areas, to access information and services online.

In summary, the next generation internet is important because it is essential for addressing current and future challenges and opportunities, such as digitalization, automation, and the need to create more sustainable and inclusive societies. It aims to create a more open, secure, and trustworthy internet that can better meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and society as a whole, enable new opportunities for innovation and economic growth, increase security and privacy, and promote inclusivity and social inclusion.

Citizen engagement

Urban and rural communities alike can benefit from geolocation services. But citizen-tech and govtech need first to nurture the collaboration between citizen and governments.

Digital transformation

If every data is inhenrently spatial, geospatial data is not necessarily smart. We are here to develop your Digital transformation.

Code for Japan

Openly connecting and updating society with Civictech where Civic (citizens) use Tech (technology) solve local and familiar problems.

Data Privacy

Georepublic elaborates digital projects using latest cryptographic technologies.


Open Source Platform for the Smart Digital Future

Open Government

Hal Seki is leading the Civic-Tech movement in Japan as a representative of Code4Japan. Georepublic provides technology and consulting services to local governments and NGOs.

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